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Shake (CookBook Review/Cocktail Recipes)

Posted on September 15, 2014 at 6:10 PM


♫ Shake, shake, shake, Senora, shake your body line♫

♫Shake, shake, shake, Senora, shake it all the time♫ (Harry Belafonte - Jump In Line (Shake, Shake Senora)


If you love cocktails…and who doesn’t…then this cocktail book is definitely for you.

“Shake” from the makers of The Mason Shakers has definitely created a fun and new twist on making cocktails.


Now I shouldn’t have to tell you…but just in case…this blog post is for those at a legal drinking age and please remember…TO ALWAYS DRINK RESPONSIBLY.


~Now back to our regularly schedule program~…

"Shake" is filled with fun, simple, and delicious cocktail recipes that won’t break the bank.

The book comes in a convenient size and it doesn’t take up too much space in my make shift bar area in my tiny little apartment. However… the book is large enough to peek the curiosity of your guest with beautiful colorful photography that makes you and your guest just want run to the kitchen and start shaking it up.


Although I did not have the mason shaker on hand, I did have a mason jar, and well…it worked perfectly…thanks to the shake tutorial on how many shakes to give a cocktail… and of course all was well in the kingdom of my kitchen/bar. Of course, a review is not a review without some kitchen testing…and I guess in this case it would be called bar testing.


As I stated before the recipes are simple… and of course… so budget friendly that everyone got to choose a different drink. Thank goodness for shot glasses…it made sharing and drinking as responsible adults… easy.


The cocktail recipes tested were as follows: “The Mexi-Café” for the coffee lovers, “Hop, Skip, Go Naked” for the adventurous…this is where shake, shake, senora came in,”The Spicy Mezcalita” for the…adventurous who likes it hot…there’s jalapeno in this recipe do I need to say more, And last...but definitely not least…”The Lilac Bloom” of course I needed a girly girl drink and it did not disappoint.


{MY Verdict}

I think this is a fun little book that will definitely put the “e” in entertainment. This cocktail book is the kind of book you whip out when you want to break out of the monotony of the same old same old. The drinks were definitely original, the ingredients simple, the photography beautiful, and I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed with this book. Of course, this is not a bible of cocktails…but sometimes it’s not quantity that matters…sometimes it’s the quality. I highly recommend this book if you’re looking to add something new to your cocktail hour at home.


Disclaimer: This book was gifted to me by the publisher and Blogging For Books. The opinion express here are solely my own.

~xoxo Sincerely Yours, Nerisa :)






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