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Coveting the Dream {A Book Review}

Posted on February 2, 2016 at 8:00 PM

Ask any immigrant about the American Dream and some might say that it doesn’t exist. In the recent waves of immigrants crashing against the shores, one can’t help but pay attention to those who were not fortune enough to make it to shore…Alive. Once again the spotlight has been directed towards immigrants, but this is not the first time, and the truth is the spotlight was always there. The only difference…the waves crashing against the shore swept away America’s rose colored glasses causing an uncomfortable picture that could no longer be ignored.

Without those rose colored glasses, we could no longer turn a blind eye to truth. The truth of what is really like for an immigrant fleeing their country. Coveting the American Dream by Author Jacintha Griffith forces us to start a conversation that is long overdue. Although the story is fictional, there is nothing fictional about the trials and tribulations endured by the characters.


This book is a quick read, and not to give away too much about this book, this book takes us across many genres, faith and religion being one, and romance being the other. Despite the fact this book is a quick read, the impact that it has on you will last forever. From the first page you are totally and completely invested in the characters and you are no longer imprisoned to the idea of defining characters as Immigrants or Americans. When you start looking at other human beings for who they are… humanity takes over. Which I believe is the strongest message in this book.



In Coveting the Dream, the main character of this book leaves her country of Belize and enters the United States illegally to pursue her own dream, and what happens next took me on an emotional roller coaster, one that I was not prepared for. Not only does this book sheds light on what its really like to be an illegal immigrant, it gave a voice to the voiceless, a face to the faceless, and for those who lost their lives trying to covet the American Dream…this book reveals the true price and makes you wonder if the roles were reverse…would the price be worth it. This book was well written and I think this would make an excellent starter if you were considering having a book club. Personally with all the movies that sensationalize entering the United States illegally, I think this book being made into a movie will provide those with preconceive notations… a reality check.


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