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Lalechka {BookReview}

Posted on November 22, 2015 at 11:55 AM

“I was drowsy, but the thoughts were running endlessly in my head, keeping me from the sleep I so yearned for. It had been many months since the last time I managed to sleep a full, satisfying night. The street outside was very quiet. Unlike the previous few days, there were no gunshots, no thundering boots that shake the walls—and the cries of distress of the past nights from the Jewish quarter had ceases as well.”


“Lalechka: An Amazing Holocaust Survivor Rescue Story (World War 2 Book 1)” is based on the real life story of a Jewish Family and a little girl born in the middle of the chaos of the holocaust. However this book is more than just stories of the holocaust.

This book is about the truest… and deepest… meaning of friendship of three little girls.

The Author Amira Keidar did an amazing job of transporting us to a time in history where Poland was sliced up and violated by her emerging and stronger neighbors, based on entries in a journal, interviews, letters, and other documents.


At times the story was very hard to read emotionally because you became immediately invested in the characters in this book. There is always something sad but beautiful when you read stories about the Holocaust and the survivors.

Beautiful… in the sense that is shows the purest form of love and compassion. Sad…because something that is so beautiful as love for your fellow man, woman, and child was put to the test because of the most unthinkable and heinous acts against human being.


This book will make you cry…but it will also educate you on a little piece of history that sometimes get lost in translation…and it will also make you smile as you see the strength and determination of what the human body and the human spirit is capable of doing when love is the common denominator.

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