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Twenty Dinners {CookBook Review}

Posted on October 13, 2015 at 5:30 PM

 There's no question that chefs, actors, and musicians have more in common than we think. What once used to be a surprise…is now becoming the norm…celebrities putting on their chef’s hat and let their alter ego take over in a cookbook or cooking show. So what happens when you get an indie rocker and a photographer in the kitchen??? Oh yeah…did I forget to mention that the photographer happened to be a former restaurant cook and the musician, songwriter, and producer is wicked in his own home kitchen. 

Food has always been a canvas for people to create, I, myself, find cooking to be very relaxing…so it’s only natural that we who love to cook will always gravitate towards our kindred spirits. One of the things that I love the most about this cookbook is the food porn…I love when a photographer photographs a dish that just makes you want to jump to your feet and run to the kitchen to check to see if you already have the items in your pantry…And this book did that for me. Kudos to the Photographer Nicole Franzen…the photographs are absolutely…Amazing! But honestly this book had me at hello…Did you check out the cover of this book???

 This cookbook cover evoked so many memories of me sitting at the table with family and friends, that honestly, it just fueled my desire to create every single thing in this book…and this was before I even turned to the first recipe. Now I know it might be a little bit early to think about Christmas, but I think this cookbook is definitely that perfect gift for a new cook and even a seasoned cook. I absolutely loved how the authors Ithai Schori and Chris Taylor and contributor Rachel Holtzman planned out your entire dinner menu by seasons. 

And if you are a coffee lover like I am, you will absolutely scream for joy with the section in this book dedicated to what I consider the gifts from the gods…coffee. This section is short and brief and it explains how to store coffee, brew coffee , and of course how to make a good cup of coffee But what really makes this cookbook stand out…is the incredible details. There is a section thiscookbook entitled “Techniques+Terms+Handy Advice” and then there is another section entitled “Tools+Pantry+Shopping For Ingredients” which is pretty much self-explanatory…it’s like having Ithai Schori, and Chris Taylor  in your kitchen helping you enhance your cooking skills regardless of your expertise.  

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