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NPH: Choose Your Own Autobiography (Book Review)

Posted on November 20, 2014 at 2:00 AM

In case you missed the memo Neil Patrick Harris (NPH) debuted his new memoir on October 14, 2014, and this memoir is like no other memoir you have ever… ever…encountered. NPH’s memoir “Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography” puts U in his aUtobiography. Giving us the reader the leading role in his screenplay called…The Life of Neil Patrick Harris.


Unconventional to say the least… this memoir is as entertaining, as it is adventurous, and with its unique concept of allowing us the readers to choose NPH’s adventures…there was never a dull moment with this book.

Warning this is not a chronological memoir weaving the tales of  the life of Neil Patrick Harris….And if that’s what you’re looking for... then…maybe…this book is not for you.  No...Actually...this book is for you...


When has life ever happened the way you planned it? Honestly, I think that’s the point to this book. You never know what life has in store for you…life will always give you lemons…but you don’t always have to make lemonade.


This book was definitely hilarious with unbelievable embarrassing childhood photographs. It was also inspirational with in your face harsh realities as you play the character of Neil Patrick Harris…in the eyes of the public… dealing with the trials and tribulation as you struggle with your own sexuality.


Last but not least, it was entertaining with visits from other stars like Whoopi Goldberg and Kelly Ripa. I absolutely loved the story Kelly Ripa told and I guess we will never learn the secret to that magic trick and the dollar bill. There’s also two recipes that this foodie cannot wait to try in her kitchen and in her make at home bar.


“Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography” made me feel things that I never thought I would feel. Neil Patrick Harris told his story by letting us walk a mile or two…in his shoes…pure genius. I first followed the interactive guidelines with the digital copy of the book and with the printed copy..well I cheated…I read it from cover to cover.

Nonetheless….I absolutely love this book…. and I think this is definitely one of the best memoirs I’ve read this year….And the only memoir that I read twice in one week.


And if you are reading this review Neil Patrick Harris…I found that special page…you know the one…and since I have the printed and the digital copy…I have that sharpie ready for your a/k/a… John Hancock.


I highly recommend this book….whether you get the printed copy or the digital copy….you will definitely be on the path to a...Legendary... Adventure... as Neil Patrick Harris.

~xoxo Sincerely Yours, Nerisa :)

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