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eat (Cookbook Review)

Posted on November 5, 2014 at 1:00 AM

When I received this cookbook I was surprised how exceptionally small this book was, with 600 recipes I was expecting something huge. However, I could not stop thinking how this book reminded me of those Holy Bibles you still find in some of those fancy hotels.


Sure enough when I turned to the back cover of this cookbook I was not surprised when the first sentence read… “The Holy Grail of home cooking is food that is quick to make but not thoughtless or compromised.” What a big statement…for a cookbook that is truly amazing in size… with truly amazing innovative recipes… this cookbook has definitely taken the meaning of fast food to an entirely new level.


Now as I stated this book is smaller than the average cookbook that I believe could be a blessing… Why? Well…I could just throw this cookbook in my tote bag and head to the supermarket or farmers market and decide on a whim what to cook for dinner tonight.


However with every blessing… there is a curse….the book is smaller than your average cookbook and that means so is the writing. I also had a very hard time getting this cookbook to stand upright in my cookbook holder and I found myself grabbing the book to read the recipe…which is… a big NO in my world. I try to keep my cookbooks as pristine as possible…it’s hard to do… but I try. Here's a quick pic from my cell phone and yes...that's a vanity mirror on my desk...don't judge...I have to be ready for those unexpected skype or google hangout calls.


However this is not enough of a reason to give up on this cookbook, this cookbook is a treasure trove of simple and amazing recipes and I had a hard time choosing which recipe to start with…this cookbook is definitely one of those cookbooks you just have to cook your way through…and I did for three days.


With amazing food photography by photographer Jonathan Lovekin, and each recipe having an amazing photograph to accompany it, this foodie was definitely inspired and hit the kitchen and start cooking.

So what recipes did I choose?


“Miso Soup with Beef and Kale” on Day 1, “Lentil Bolognaise” on Day 2, “Summer Squash Gratin” and a “Strawberry and Cucumber Salad” on Day 3. Now the “Strawberry and Cucumber Salad” was listed in the dessert section…now to each their own…I started with the salad and let me tell you it was the most refreshing and delicious salad I ever had…the combination of strawberries, cucumbers, mint, honey and elderflower syrup was simply….amazing!


I love a cookbook that takes you on the wild side and encourages you to try something new….there is no way you can ever be bored with a meal ever again…. Especially with this cookbook on your kitchen shelf. And so with that said….

Yes…I highly recommend this book…and it should be on every cook’s wish list for the holidays.

~xoxo Sincerely Yours, Nerisa :)



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