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Sharing Morocco...(CookBook Review)

Posted on October 6, 2014 at 11:50 AM

Morocco….just the very word conjures up images of exotic jewels, beautiful colors, tantalizing music, and exotic spices and foods. Ruth Barnes gives us a round trip ticket to the world of Morocco and brings Morocco and it’s culture…and culinary world… to our kitchen in her new cookbook “Sharing Morocco: Exotic Flavors from My Kitchen to Yours.”



Ruth Barnes has taken traditional Moroccan recipes influenced by Northern Africa, Spain and France… and has simplified these recipes by cutting the preparation time in half…making hosting a traditional Moroccan dinner stress free.


Despite the simplicity of the book cover, this cookbook is a treasure trove... with beautiful…and absolutely breathtaking photography.  I was pleasantly surprised with the beautiful photography, not something that I was expecting, and that goes for the recipes as well.


So did we kitchen taste? Absolutely! It was hard not to with such beautiful photography as inspiration. We wanted to see if we could really create a Moroccan feast without the stress of the lengthy traditional methods.


The recipes were easy to follow… and the ingredients were readily available at my local market. Although I haven’t had the pleasure of traveling to Morocco, I’ve had Moroccan food, and the simplified recipes in this book were as delicious… and as flavorful… as the dishes I ate years ago in a Moroccan restaurant during my travels.


So what was on the menu?

Well of course we started off with Morocco’s national drink “Atay bil na’na” which translates to (Mint Tea) followed by “Salada del Chiyar” (Cucumber Salad), “Geraa bil Tomates” (Zucchini with Tomato Sauce), “Tagine Shikshou ul Chudra” (Tagine of Couscous with Vegetable) and “M’hummar” (Frittata with Green Peas, Carrots, and Onions).


And honestly we could have kept going with kitchen testing this cookbook, but we decided to stop and save some recipes for later. This cookbook has so much to offer…from drinks to salads… from street food to soups…from side dishes to main dishes…and of course our beloved dessert section.


I think this is the perfect cookbook to whip out when you want to impress the in-laws, or if you are cooking for that special someone for the first time. I absolutely love this cookbook…and if I can find  the beautiful outfits Ruth Barnes wore in this cookbook…life would be perfect.

“Sharing Morocco: Exotic Flavors from My Kitchen to Yours” will be available in a retail bookstore near you on October 7, 2014…and I highly recommend will not disappoint you.


In the meantime you can order your copy today by clicking on book cover…and while you're at it...checking out Ruth's Blog by clicking on the link for more amazing recipes.

Happy Reading!


~xoxo Sincerely Yours, Nerisa :)

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