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Tea Tree Oil & A Free Kindle Book

Posted on September 23, 2014 at 12:20 AM

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All You Ever Wanted to Know about Tea Tree Oil


Tea Tree oil is an essential oil which is not produced from a tree, neither has anything to do with tea. It is a small shrub which was introduced to the world by Captain Cook. This oil is a definite element in any survival kit. This book is all about this oil produced from the leaves of a shrub which smells like eucalyptus and is native to Australia. I forgot to mention that it is not related to the Chinese tea oil or the New Zealand’s tea tree.


Converse to the most commonly known fact, this tea tree can be grown in your backyard even if your house is not in Australia. All it needs is water, light and a slightly acidic soil. You will learn about growing your own tree. The tea tree oil is not an omnipotent medicine. It has its own set of disadvantages. It is better to know what makes the oil bad for health so that you would avoid that. This book is a complete guide from growing the leaves, preparing the oil to using it. On the other hand, it also talks about how to buy the oil, check the purity and also how to market it, if you want to start a business. A small amber bottle with a wooden cork surrounded by a few dried tea tree leaves would fetch a lot more money that you spend for making one. If you have the time, space and interest, then this book would lead you to a new money making method.


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