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Thank U Drew Carey

Posted on September 8, 2014 at 11:00 AM

To say that I am Outrage about what some teens in Bay Village, Ohio did to a 15 year old autistic boy...(with their own version of the ALS ice bucket challenge) would be an understatement. I am the oldest of four children, my brother the youngest, and my brother at age 19 lives with autism…this story hitting so close to home...well it turned my tranquil sea into a raging sea of anger.

It saddens me…. that we have young teens….wicked enough… to fill a bucket with urine, feces, and spit...and dump it over an autistic teen..someone they know… and to add insult to injury it was videotaped on the boys cell phone.

If of our teenagers at this young age... does not have compassion for another human being... then what kind of adult will these teenagers become?

What examples are we as adults... setting... that our children believe that this act of cruelty was… one a good idea…. and two worth videotaping. Regardless of what religious belief system you believe in…we as a people…we are connected…like it or not. If one person is hurt... we ALL hurt...

Autism…like so many other things…has been swept under the rug for Far Too Long....And Health Insurance Companies have been able to put limitation on families in regards to treating or attempting to treat Autism.

Drew Carey offering a reward to find the people who did this vicious act…has made him...not only one of my longtime favorite comedians…but…MY HERO. We all need to be a lighthouse for our children and adults suffering from autism. We need to be there beacon of hope, shining the light on Autism, becoming their safe haven…providing support by demanding our government to provide proper education and care until… a cure is found. WE have a voice so we can speak for those who don't…

Education and benefits from the government for children and adult with autism should not stop after they graduate from High School…We need a plan to make sure there is FREE continuing education and FREE resources for the families and caregivers with children and adults with autism.

Our Children ...and Our Adults... with Autism needs to know that there is more to life than... isolation…fear…a world without speech or limited speech… a world filled with limitation…And I elected myself the ambassador to make sure that this happens.

I have my own ice bucket challenge…

• How about all the multi-million/billion dollar companies dump some money is research for Autism.

• How about our multi-million/billion dollar companies dump money into our universities and community colleges and design a continuing education programs for when our children becomes adults and graduate from High School.

• How about our companies like Rosetta Stone, Apple, Microsoft etc. design user friendly and AFFORDABLE software that can help our children with speech and daily living.

• How about places like Disney World, Great Adventure, Hershey Park, AMC movie theatres host a night where families with children and adults with Autism get in... for FREE

• How about we create a Make A Wish Foundation for our autistic children and adults.

• How about someone sponsor an event(s) for Autism... that the families with children and adults with autism can actually afford to attend.

How about we as a society set the example for our young adults by becoming the change we want to see in the World, if we want our children to treat each other with compassion, then we as adults have to set tone. Instead of idolizing and publicizing these crazy YouTube videos that makes everyone want to their 5 minutes of fame…how about we start promoting compassion in the media. How about it…..

A special thank you to Drew Carey from the bottom of my heart…And A Special Thank U to everyone who has...and who will match your reward.

~xoxo Sincerely Yours, Nerisa









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