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The Power Of The Heart Book Review (Coming Soon!)

Posted on September 3, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Nerisa's Book Review Coming Soon!

The very first copy of The Power of the Heart by Baptist de Pape, coming out October 7th 2014 at the same time as the movie.

With exciting spiritual and scientific insights, The Power of the Heart presents fascinating evidence that the heart is more than a physical organ. It possesses its own intelligence, capable of transforming your views of money, health, relationships, and success. Mindfulness exercises and contemplations guide you to activate the heart’s special powers—including intuition, intention, gratitude, forgiveness, and love.

These unforgettable lessons from the world’s greatest teachers will inspire you to find your hidden talents, hear your inner voice, and fulfill your highest purpose in life. (Youtube Video Of the Official Movie Trailer Below)

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