About MyoHo Sisters

MyoHo Sisters was created as  my online journal to document my life... and my  journey as I walk my own path as a Nichiren Buddhist.  However, This is not just about my journey, it's about our journey, you are reading the contents of this website because the universe has already selected you to journey along with me.  

What started out as a hobby turned into my full-time passion. You will explore the world with me as I pursue my passion for creativity and my love of Books, Music, Fashion, Art, Food, and my appreciation for Photography. 

Unlocking my highest potential one Nam Myoho Renge Kyo at a time.

This website serves not only as an inspirational tool but and educational tool.  Although I am a practicing  Soka Gakkai International (SGI) Nichiren Buddhist this is not an official (SGI) website. 

If you would like more information on Soka Gakkai International please visit these links below:

Soka Gakkai  International (SGI) http://www.sgi.org/        

Soka Gakkai International~USA (SGI-USA)  http://www.sgi-usa.org/


The World of Nerisa Eugenia Waterman

  • I'm a Book...Reviewer, Publicist & Blogger...And I also create Book Trailers.
  • I'm a Radio Co-host & Host on I-NetRadio {*i-netradio "Author Interview"; *i-netradio "Buddha Beat"; i-netradio "Cooking with Nerisa" http://www.i-netradio.com/
  • I'm a Blogger and a Social Media Diva...when it comes to all things Books and Author Events.
  • I'm an advocate for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics' Pretty Powerful Campaign  http://prettypowerful.bobbibrowncosmetics.com/ 
  • I'm an advocate for the American Cancer Society...Fighter and A Survivor...And A Fighter Again...   http://www.cancer.org/
  • I'm an advocate for unlocking your highest potential...pursue your passion...And just be you.
  • I'm that Woman that makes the Devil afraid when I wake up in the morning...Yup,That's me...#BeTheChangeYouWantToSeeInTheWorld

                                           About Me 

Yes...I'm complicated but my philosophy of life is simple....Everyday I'm a different various of myself, I'm different then who I was yesterday and I will be different tomorrow from the person I am today.  However some things never change, I am an avid lover of music...period...and I am always searching for that perfect Mp3 player and noise isolation ear buds. I love to read, write, doodle, cook (I really believe I was a Chef in my past life) and I love to drink and collect wine, tea and coffee and with my passion for tea and coffee, I am always looking for that perfect heat proof, spill proof and stylish traveling mug.  I am a sweet~a~holic...I love any and everything sweet, especially chocolate and of course ice cream (my pursuit for the perfect scoop of unique flavored ice cream has taking me to some interesting places).  I love to travel and although I am island girl at heart ( born in St. Croix,Virgin Islands.....home of the Cruzan Rum), I currently reside in the United Stated longing for the day to see my true love Paris, France...the problem is..we've never met . I love, love, love perfume and scented candles and I love couture fashion (fashion week to me is like Super Bowl Sunday).  I have a passion for the unknown, I try to experience every and anything possible that life has to offer and I always try to  share those experiences with as many people as I can. I don't always take the traditional route but I eventually get there when it is my time for me to get there. I don't want any One to follow my footsteps in the sand, I want every One to create their own footsteps happily next to me.

I was born and raised into the Catholic religion and I have great respect for this religion but I am a devoted and practicing Nichiren Buddhist. I view Buddhism not as a religion but as a philosophy of life...a philosophy of my life.  I believe that the Catholic religion molded me into the woman I am today, a practicing Nichiren Buddhist and for that I will forever be grateful. 

I was introduced to Nichiren Buddhism by aunt in Florida who is also a Nichiren Buddhist  shortly after a surgery for Cancer, here with my aunt and my Orlando, Florida (SGI) Family is where my foundation for Buddhism began. However, it was in St. Croix, Virgin Islands, where my foundation for Nichiren Buddhism was completed with the help and guidance of my St. Croix, Virgin Islands (SGI) Family and this is where I began to build my house. However, my house did not build itself, it was through the guidance and teaching of my (SGI) Family in South Edison, New Jersey were my house really came together and was completed and I now call Nichiren Buddhism my home and this is my place of address as I leave my footprints in the sand of life.  In my home, all religions are welcomed and respected and I will never coerce others to adopt to my philosophy of life, however I will always encourage others to unlock their highest potential while embarking on their own journey in life....

~xoxo Sincerely Yours, Nerisa Eugenia Waterman :)


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Note to Self,
Every Minute...Of Every Single Day...You Are A Different Version of Yourself...
So Make Today and Everyday Your Best Selfie Ever.
 ~xoxo Nerisa :)
#M.A.Cnificent Me

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